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Database Backup and Restore

In this module, we will look at backing up and restoring a Vertica database. This module starts off with an introduction to backup strategies, moving quickly on to creating backup configuration files. Then we look at backing up and restoring database and monitoring progress. We will also look at some of the other options for restoring and replicating individual objects, and for duplicating a cluster.

Online Course       


18 minutes     

Mark Whalley

Manager, Vertica Education
About mark
From the early 1980s, Mark worked with Michael Stonebraker's Ingres RDBMS and then a number of column-store big data analytics technologies.In 2016, he joined HPE Big Data Platform as a Systems Engineer specialising in Stonebraker’s Vertica.In September 2017 he followed Vertica as it merged into Micro Focus – one of the world’s largest pure-play software companies.He is passionate about technology and frequently delivers talks  at the London, Cambridge and Munich Big Data & Machine Learning Meetups (of which he is the founder with its 4K+ members), the British Computer Society – Advanced Programming Specialist Group, Vertica Forums, the Institute for Analytics and Data Science at the University of Essex et al.  He is a technical blogger and author.