Course overview

Vertica Essentials 10.x


Certification Course         

Who is this course for?

The Vertica Essentials course is designed for new Vertica users, and experienced users who want to learn about changes in the product and updates on Vertica's best practices.

The target audience includes:
- Database Administrators
- Database Architects
- Data Analysts
- Application Developers

Course prerequisites

Although there are no formal prerequisites for this course, a basic understanding and appreciation of the following would be beneficial:
Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)
Structured Query Language (SQL)

Course content

Although this Vertica Essentials course is designed as an introduction to Vertica, please do not underestimate the amount of material presented.
14 Modules
152 Videos
44 Hands-On Lab Exercises
112 Knowledge Check questions
100 Exam questions
As such, expect to need to put aside at least 10 hours to complete this course.
Knowledge Checks
At the end of each module, where that module contains Hands-On Lab Exercises, there is a Knowledge Check covering the material presented in that module and the exercise(s). 
You will be required to score at least 80% to pass a Knowledge Check before progressing to the next module.
Vertica Essentials Exam
Once you have completed all the modules and Knowledge Checks, you are welcome to apply to take the Vertica Essentials Exam. This exam comprises 100 questions.
To pass the Vertica Essentials Exam, you must score at least 80%.
Vertica Essentials Certificate
On successful completion of this course and its Exam, you will be awarded the Vertica Essentials Certificate. 
Following the successful completion of the Exam, you will also be receiving your digital credentials (Badge) via Credly Acclaim.

Course delivery and expectations

The course is delivered as a series of on-line, self-paced modules.
Each module is broken into a number of bite-sized sections, presented as short (<5 minute) videos to introduce the subject.
Most of the modules have hands-on lab exercises and a Knowledge Check. The lab environment is required to complete and pass the Knowledge Checks.
To undertake the exercises, Vertica Academy students will be provided with a 3-node Vertica cluster, already configured and ready to go. 
Prior to commencing the first exercise, you will need to request access to your Vertica cluster - instructions on how to do this are provided within the course content.
Although we have students successfully completing the course in less than one day, appreciating that some may require longer to complete the course, we provide the Vertica cluster for up to 7 days.

And finally...
The Vertica Academy Team wish you all the very best of luck with this course, and hope you thoroughly enjoy the experience working with Vertica.
Should you have any comments, questions, feedback (good or bad), we would really like to hear from you!
Please feel free to reach out to us via the contact pages on the Vertica Academy or directly via email:

YOur teachers

Mark Whalley

Marketing Instructor

Drea Brandford