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Vertica in Eon Mode

In this module, you'll learn about Vertica's Eon Mode, covering; deployment options, provisioning, how it works, loading data, sizing the depot and useful artifacts such as rapid scaling, sub-clusters, HA, hibernating and replication.

Online Course


15 minutes                  

Mark Whalley

Manager, Vertica Education
About mark
From the early 1980s, Mark worked with Michael Stonebraker's Ingres RDBMS and then a number of column-store big data analytics technologies.
In 2016, he joined HPE Big Data Platform as a Systems Engineer specialising in Stonebraker’s Vertica.
In September 2017 he followed Vertica as it merged into Micro Focus – one of the world’s largest pure-play software companies.
He is passionate about technology and frequently delivers talks at the London, Cambridge and Munich Big Data & Machine Learning Meetups (of which he is the founder with its 4K+ members), the British Computer Society – Advanced Programming Specialist Group, Vertica Forums, the Institute for Analytics and Data Science at the University of Essex et al.  
He is a technical blogger and author.